FREDERICK, MD – In a written legal opinion released today, Frederick Circuit Court Judge William R. Nicklas Jr. ruled that the 15-year-old respondent charged in connection with the Great Frederick Fair attack on John Weed September 20, 2019, will remain in the juvenile system. The respondent is charged with manslaughter, 1st degree assault, and 2nd degree assault.

After reviewing Judge Nicklas’ ruling, State’s Attorney Charlie Smith commented, “Prosecutors Rebecca Clinton and Laura Wilt worked very hard to provide a compelling argument for waiver. However, we have to respect the Judge’s ruling while continuing to seek justice for Mr. Weed’s family. Smith added, “This has been a sad situation that unfortunately has divided our community. We will continue to fight for the victim’s family, while respecting the decision.”

A waiver hearing was held on February 21st in which the State and defense presented arguments. A waiver hearing is a hearing in which the Court decides whether to grant or deny the State’s request to waive the juvenile to adult court jurisdiction.    The State filed waiver petitions on both juveniles charged in this case which alleged that based on a number of factors the particular youths should be tried as adults, rather than in juvenile court.  The factors the court considers include the seriousness and nature of the offense, public safety, age of the youth, mental and physical condition, and the youth’s alleged amenability to juvenile rehabilitative measures.

Judge Julie Solt ruled that both respondents charged in the Frederick Fair incident would have closed courtroom waiver hearings, meaning anyone not directly involved in the case is not permitted inside.  Judges often close the courtroom to the public for juvenile proceedings to protect the confidentiality of matters about the youth.



Both respondents in this case have now had waiver hearings and it has been determined that they will remain in the juvenile system.


Antonio Little Sentenced to Serve 25 Years for Distribution of Heroin

FREDERICK – Antonio Little, 44, of Frederick, MD appeared for sentencing today in the Circuit Court for Frederick County, Maryland for the charge of distribution of heroin.  The Honorable William R. Nicklas, Jr., concurring with the State’s recommended sentence, ordered Mr. Little to serve 25 years of incarceration in the Division of Correction.

On September 28, 2017, the Frederick Police Department responded to a residence on East Second Street in downtown Frederick for a suspected fatal drug overdose.  The scene indicated that the male victim had ingested heroin.  A subsequent autopsy revealed that he had died of a mixed drug intoxication, including heroin and fentanyl.  The Frederick Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit opened an investigation into the matter.  Investigators were able to confirm that Antonio Little and his codefendant, Tracy Frost, had conspired to supply heroin to the victim the night before. Mr. Little was the point of connection – he knew the overdose victim and communicated with him to set up the purchase of heroin. Mr. Little and his codefendant both were present and took part in the distribution on September 27, 2017.  Mr. Little plead guilty to distribution of heroin on July 17, 2018.

The State was represented by Assistant State’s Attorney Colleen K. Swanson.

J. Charles Smith, III

State’s Attorney for Frederick County, Maryland