Walkersville Man to Serve 30 Days in Jail for Two Felony Counts of Aggravated Animal Cruelty

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April 3, 2024


Walkersville Man to Serve 30 Days in Jail for Two Felony Counts of Aggravated Animal Cruelty



Frederick, Maryland – Anthony Houston Smith, II was sentenced to six years, suspending all but 30 days in jail (to be served by spending ten consecutive weekends in jail), this morning in the Frederick County Circuit Court by Judge Julie Solt for two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

On February 11, 2023, a Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to a call at 8313 Water Street Road in Walkersville,  describing “dogs being starved and possibly dead on the property.”  Animal Control was then called to the scene and subsequently searched the property after receiving permission from the owner, Anthony Houston Smith, II.  Upon searching the property, authorities found five dogs which appeared to be starved and struggling for water.  An additional three dogs were found deceased on the property. Two of the three deceased dogs were found discarded in trash bags.  Of the five surviving dogs, four dogs were taken to a shelter and one dog was immediately taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

In May, 2023, the defendant was charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty.  In August, 2023, the case was moved up to the Circuit Court by way of a Criminal Information filed by the State.  The defendant entered an Alford plea to two counts of Felony Aggravated Animal Cruelty on January 29, 2024 and was subsequently found guilty on both counts. The defendant also received three years of supervised probation, with the following special conditions:  1) do not acquire any additional pets, 2) compliance checks to be done by animal control, and 3) enroll into any other programs recommended by supervising agent.

Assistant State’s Attorney, Robert McCall represented the State.


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