Public Information Briefing Addresses Fight Against Human Trafficking

County Executive Jessica Fitzwater Held Briefing to Address Frederick County’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

March 28, 2024

Frederick, MD – County Executive Jessica Fitzwater held a public information briefing this morning to address Frederick County’s fight against human trafficking.  Chief Counsel, Joyce King and Chief Assistant State’s Attorney of the Special Victims Unit, Lindsey Carpenter expressed gratitude to Fitzwater’s support and commitment to the county’s multi-disciplinary teams who investigate, apprehend and prosecute internet sexual predators who exploit children through the use of technology.

“We thank Jessica Fitzwater for providing the new INTERCEPT Task Force with a space to improve efficiency, coordination and collaboration between local, state and federal agencies,” said King.  “We will continue to train and educate local and statewide partners as well as make policy recommendations.”

“Jessica Fitzwater’s leadership in promoting legislation to dismantle the criminal organizations we are investigating is greatly appreciated.  We continue to identify regulatory loopholes exploited by the trafficking organizations, which allow them to traffic victims and launder money,” stated Carpenter.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Chad Atkins and Frederick Police Department’s Sergeant Scott Grigsby, also investigators with the INTERCEPT Task Force, expressed their commitment to dismantling criminal organizations in Frederick County’s communities.