Brunswick Man Sentenced for Manufacturing a Destructive Device and 2nd Degree Assault

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January 7, 2024

Brunswick Man Sentenced for Manufacturing a Destructive Device and 2nd Degree Assault


Frederick, MD – Last Friday, in Frederick County Circuit Court, Judge Julie Solt sentenced Dominic Michael Valenti to 35 years in the Department of Corrections for manufacturing a destructive device and second-degree assault, suspending all but 10 years to serve.  Upon release he will serve 5 years of supervised probation to include drug and mental health evaluation and treatment.

On August 6, 2022 Brunswick Police responded to the family’s home in response to a call for the Defendant’s threats of violence and assaultive behavior.  Police found that he had assaulted his mother prior to their arrival.  The Defendant had left the home and police advised the family to call back if he returned.  On August 7, 2022, Brunswick Police responded again to the residence for the report of a burglary in progress and that the Defendant was again present and exhibiting aggressive behavior.  The family reported that the defendant had entered their home and threatened to kill them while having control over kitchen knives and a machete.  Brunswick Police responded and seized a BB gun, an additional fixed blade knife in a sheath on the defendant’s person, and a black backpack containing an improvised explosive device.  The device was inspected by Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Michael T. Redding and later the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and found to be operational and capable of inflicting injury.  Police also found additional fuse material and a box containing live pistol ammunition.  Police transported the defendant to Frederick Health Hospital for an emergency evaluation prior to charging him and secured a Court order requiring him to surrender and forfeit any firearms and ammunition.

The Defendant pleaded guilty to manufacturing a destructive device and 2nd degree assault in September 2023.  Judge Solt ruled that as a condition of probation once released, the defendant may not return to the family residence “until further order of the court.”  The defendant had been previously required to leave the home due to his aggressive behavior and had been previously convicted of assaulting his father and violating protective orders.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said, “These cases are often the most frightening because of the potential for large-scale harm to our community.  Hopefully this lengthy sentence will send a message that there is zero tolerance for destructive-device crimes.”

The arrest and conviction of Valenti was a collaborative effort led by the Brunswick Police Department, the Maryland State Police Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Frederick County Assistant State’s Attorney, Tim Gilbert of the Economic Crimes unit represented the State.

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