Hogan Appoints State’s Attorney Charlie Smith to State Handgun Roster Board

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has appointed State’s Attorney Charlie Smith to the State’s Handgun Roster Board for the remainder of a term of four years from December 8, 2020. Smith’s name will be formally submitted on the first day of the next legislation session before the Maryland State Senate. His swearing-in is yet to be scheduled.
The Handgun Roster Board is responsible for determining which handguns may be sold in the State of Maryland. Maryland Public Safety Article 5-406 establishes that a person may not sell or offer for sale in the State a handgun manufactured after January 1, 1985, that is not included on the handgun roster.
For more information on the Handgun Roster Board visit: https://mdsp.maryland.gov/…/Licensin…/HandgunRoster.aspx