FREDERICK, MD – Frederick County ranked #4 out of all Maryland counties for highest conviction rate of DUI cases in 2017, according to newly released statistics from the National Study Center of the University of Maryland. State’s Attorney Charlie Smith reacted, “These numbers show the importance we place on making our roads safe in Frederick County. Far too many people lose loved ones to drunk driving. Our prosecutors remain committed to aggressively pursuing these cases.” The study found that in 88.57% of cases, the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office succeeded in gaining a conviction. This latest achievement follows four previous years in which the conviction rates were 85.25, 86.20, 86.32 and 87.64. In state-wide rankings, Frederick was tied for 4th in 2017, 7th, 9th, 8th and 3rd respectively. In all, 905 people were arrested for impaired driving in Frederick County during calendar year 2017. Of those, 109 cases were either still open for one reason or another or were Abated by Death. That left a total number of net cases disposed of at 796  out of the original 905. Of the 796, there were 174 Guilty findings and an additional 531 PBJ’s for a total of 705 “positive” outcomes. For statistical purposes, a “Probation Before Judgement” was considered a conviction.