Computer-Generated Child Pornography Bill Signed

Yesterday in Annapolis, Gov. Larry Hogan signed SB 736/HB1027. The new legislation is a “prohibition against possessing, distributing, and creating child pornography; prohibiting a person from knowingly possessing and intentionally retaining a certain representation showing a computer-generated image that is indistinguishable from an actual and identifiable child under the age of 16 years portrayed in a certain manner; defining “indistinguishable from an actual child”; and applying certain penalties. The new legislation expands the current child porn laws to include the prohibition of child erotica.

This bill was formulated as a direct response to the growing issue of computer-generated child pornography in recent years.

Chief Counsel for the Frederick SAO, Joyce King, played an integral role in helping to shape this piece of legislation. She joined legislators yesterday for the bill signing.

Photo Courtesy: Executive Office of the Governor