Charlie Smith Attends Global IAP Conference to Combat Cyber-Crime

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


State’s Attorney Charlie Smith Attends International Conference in London to Help Innovate Methods of Prosecuting Global Crimes Crossing Multiple Jurisdictional Boundaries.



Frederick, MD – This week, Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith, President of the National District Attorney’s Association, attends the 28th International Association of Prosecutors Annual Conference in London, England to explore the changing nature of crime in the 21st century and to help develop ways to stay ahead of resilient and rapidly adapting criminal networks.

Discussions at the gathering will explore how prosecutors can best organize and operate their agencies to maximize their resources in the context of growing digital evidence and how technological developments can be used in large-scale investigations.  With evidence, witnesses, victims, suspects and assets often located in more than one country, the importance of effective international cooperation is vital to prosecutors’ success.

“International cooperation is increasingly important to the local prosecutor,” said Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith, “especially with the significant increase in cyber-crime and human trafficking.”


The mission of the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office is to promote public safety and foster a sense of security in our community by holding people accountable for violating the law and by pursuing justice in a fair, honest, efficient and ethical manner.


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